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Tips and Links Page:         ---This is a great site for young children to play & learn for free, and it teaches reading from the alphabet through sounds and phonics, all the way to independent reading. There are interactive stories to learn with--be sure to click on the illustrations for funny things to happen. Show your child how to start, and they can learn on their own with this website.

A Public Service Message:
Knowing the signs of the onset of diabetes can prevent coma!
Drinking a lot more than normal for you, with unquenchable thirst can mean a dangerously high blood-sugar level. Extreme tiredness is another sign. The cells of your body can be damaged by long-term moderately-high blood sugar levels, and extremely high levels can cause coma or death. Trying to quench an endless thirst with juice or sodas can add more sugar to an already dangerous condition.
I've witnessed all of this, and realized I'd never heard of the warning signs. I didn't see it coming.
Diabetes can start at any age.

...For more information search the internet, check out American Diabetes Association, and ask your doctor.


If you would like to see,  or show to someone else,  Jesus as the  caring,  friendly,  here-now-alive   heaven-and-earth-bridging  Man that he is,  check out these truly great films:

The Perfect Gift is a movie that was released on DVD in 2009, directed by Jefferson Moore and produced by Kelly's Filmworks.
(See movie poster)

It is the third in a trilogy of movies starting with
The Perfect Stranger and Another Perfect Stranger.

(Which are also available as a double feature.)

These movies can be supplimented by the well-done seven-part TV mini series, The Stranger Series, boxed set.

My husband and I have seen all of these, and bought extra copies for family and friends.


LOVE & THUNDER (audio CD) by Andrew Peterson,

Songs from Love & Thunder (MP3 downloads)

...or visit his own website... (NOTE: you may have to click to enter his main web page after seeing the promo for his latest book.)

My only problem with this record is that I need a second copy to listen to while washing dishes, because my six year old listens to it every night while falling asleep. The first time I put it on for him, he reported "It's like it goes in here [ears] and then down here [heart]. It's so good, it's great." I think this record is fundamental enough for almost anyone, but fresh enough to be of great value. It has great melodies and refreshing uplifting ideas recorded in a pleasant voice. It's substantial and honest, full of sincere life. It truly sounds inspired. (It's NOTHING like a lot of modern superficial & depressive "praise & worship" noise.)

Clear to Venus is another record by Andrew Peterson, which is very good in its own way.

UPDATE: my son is eight now, and while he's listened to other records including several Beatles albums, he's still choosing Love & Thunder for his bed-time music almost every single night.

.            Image: Copyright 2007 Noname Porter-McShirley     ... Check out the Indianapolis Star (newspaper) Blog with a link to a "live" webcam (updates every few seconds, 'round the clock all year long), OR Click here to go directly to the webcam which looks into the falcon nest high above the downtown circle of Indianapolis, Indiana.
From early Spring till fledgling you can watch a pair of Peregrine Falcons (named KathyQ and Kinney) all the way from arranging their nest of pebbles, laying eggs, hatching, feeding, and first flights of the new crop of these amazing birds. Even in September and October, long after this year's young have fledged, adults can sometimes be seen coming and going from the shelter of the nest. Read the blog and archives to find out all about them.

* * * * * Image: Copyright 2007 Noname Porter-McShirley * * * * *

Books Pollinate the Mind I had a link here to thank "Bugg'z Animated Butterfly Collection" for the animated GIF file of a butterfly on flowers which livens my home page, but his webpage has been taken down.


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